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Make Me Laugh...

That's my job! When George Carlin convinced me to go up onstage more then 40 years ago, that's all I wanted to do!

After thousands of miles on the road, appearances on the Tonight Show, Merv Griffin, opening for Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, Richard Prior and the biggest talents show business; I'm now happy just sitting at home being the hermit that I am, playing the latest video games and walking my bull terrier, Rocky.

But don't think you've heard the last of me... At 77, I still do gigs at the Tropicana in Atlantic City as well as perform locally near my house in NJ every week.

I've now passed the torch on to my "last good sperm", my daughter Carlen Altman and hope you come to love her offbeat humor as much as I do. Check her blog out at www.carlenaltman.blogspot.com

Thanks for stopping by and remember, as Langston Hughes said "My motto, As I live and learn, is: Dig And Be Dug In Return"

See my Blog at http://uncledir.blogspot.com/

-Uncle Dirty (Bob Altman)

More to come...


©2007 Bob Altman